Shayari sms

Tum haste raho, Muskurate raho

haste raho haste raho ,

Sada haste raho aur muskurate raho,

mera kya hai.. log tumhe hi pagal samjhenge.


four roses just for you…

1- for friendship

2- for good luck

3- for happiness

4- kaan pe lagana mast lagega


kripaya dhyaan de









dhyaan dene ke liye shukriya


G- go to bed

O- off the light

O- out of tension

D- dreams comes

N- nice sleep

I- imaginary world

G- get up early

H- have a nice day

T- thanks to GOD.


Imagine a running race between love and friendship

who will win ?


You know why?

because friendship always compromises and

love always sacrifices.


Friend is one who hold your hand every time when you need support ,

Real friend is one who hold your hand more tightly when you say…

leave me alone.

Shayari sms

Special Friend:

S- supports you

P- prayers for you

E- encourages you

C- cares for you

I- inspires you

A- advises you

L- loves you

Hope we remain special.


Open you door when you are alone,

open your heart when you feel sad ,

but don’t open you hand when you need a friend,

because i’m already holding your hand.


A real fact:

aap jinhe apni khushi mein yaad karte hain,

samjho aap unko pyaar karte hain ,

par app jinhe mushkilo mein yaad karte hain,

samjho vo aapse pyaar karte hain.


Imagine world without girls:-

College sunsaan ,

market Viraan ,

Na janu na jaan ,

n koi girlfriend ke liye pareshaan ,

bas only and only…

Jai Hanumaan!


Let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight,

Let the most sweetest person come to your dreams tonight,

But don’t make it a habit because…

I’m not free every time.



Cricket Players -11

Fingers -10

Planets -9

Corners -8

Wonders -7

Senses -6

Oceans -5

Directions -4

Seasons -3

Eyes -2

Lovely Person -1

Na munna na..not you

It’s ME.